Lingtou Dancong tea

Lingtou Dancong tea
Lingtou Dancong tea

Lingtou Dancong tea(岭头单丛), also known as white leaves Dancong tea, is oolong tea, specialty tea in Guangdong. Quality characteristics of Lingtou Dancong tea:
Shape: curly
Color: yellowish auburn, like eel skin color, bloom
Soup color: orange red, clear and bright
Aroma: fragrance lasting, both flowers and honey fragrant
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: fat and soft, red edge

Lingtou Dancong tea produced in Raoping Lingtou Village of Guangdong. Lingtou Dancong tea can be harvested year round, spring tea from late March to late May; summer tea from late May to late August; autumn tea from late August to late September; winter tea from mid-October to late November. Pick a bud and two leaves or a bud and three leaves. Main process including sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes.