Lingyun Pekoe tea

Lingyun Pekoe tea
Lingyun Pekoe tea

Lingyun Pekoe tea(凌云白毫) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Guangxi. Quality characteristics of Lingyun Pekoe tea:
Shape: fat, white tips over the body
Color: silver white hide green
Soup color: clear green
Aroma: tender flavour lasting
Taste: sweet after taste
Tea leafs: green and bright

Lingyun Pekoe tea also called Lingyun white hair tea. Lingyun Pekoe tea produced in Yunwu Mountain of Lingyun and Leye Country, Guangxi. Tea area has excellent ecological environment, mild climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Lingyun Pekoe tea varieties unique, large-leaved types of trees, covered with pekoe named. Lingyun Pekoe tea has strict picking standards, is a bud and a leaf. Main processes include: fixing, rolling, drying and other processes. Lingyun Pekoe tea helps digestion, the solution tired of diuretic, refreshing eye-catching functions.

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