Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced tea is actually a cocktail, not iced tea. Although the Long Island iced tea has iced tea name, but it is not used in the case of black tea, black tea prepared from a color and taste delicious cocktails. Long Island iced tea modulation of the main ingredients of vodka, gin, rum and tequila.  Drink Long Island iced tea knows that it is absolutely no doubt that alcohol, alcohol concentration is nearly 30%. Long Island iced tea taste spicy but with the smell of cola and black tea for after dinner drink.

The origin of Long Island iced tea on

Some argue that the United States in the 1920s during Prohibition, the bartender will be a glass of spirits seemingly hybrid tea and cola drinks, to drill holes Act. Another argument is that in 1972, from Long Island, The bartender of Oak Beach Inn invented the base wine in four out of mixed drinks.

Long Island iced tea in the modulation

A vodka

A gin

A rum

A tequila

An orange liquor

Half were sweet and sour sauce, sweet and sour mix or lemon juice

Shake all the ingredients into the bottle, by adding a small amount of ice into Collins glass after shaking agitation, and then swollen coke to produce a similar color of black tea, and finally the rim decorated with a lemon slice.

Long Island iced tea variants

The second generation Long Island Iced Tea – more of Bourbon.

The third generation Long Island Iced Tea – more in the second generation in a brandy.

Long Beach Iced Tea – with cranberry juice instead of cola.

California Iced Tea – with amaretto instead of tequila and orange liquor, and with the same amount of cranberry juice and pineapple juice to replace Coke swollen.

Hawaiian iced tea – with Chambord raspberry liquor instead tequila and orange liquor, soft drinks replace Coke with Sprite.

Miami iced tea – with Midori Melon and peach schnapps liquor distilled liquor to replace tequila and orange liquor, but with orange juice instead of cola.

Caribbean iced tea – dark Jamaican rum to replace tequila and vodka.

Texas Iced Tea – gin with brandy instead.

Tokyo Tea – replaced with a Midori Melon Liquor Coke, also known as “Three Mile Island.”

Beverly Hills Iced Tea – Coke replaced with champagne.

Electric shock iced tea – with a wave of the agave wine instead.

Alaska Ice Tea – Four Blue Curacao blue with orange liqueur and four sweet and sour mix tequila substitute, lemon soda to replace Coke.

Baptist Redemption – Long Island iced tea without Coke.

Other – instead of cola with real tea.