Lu’an Guapian tea

Lu'an Guapian tea
Lu’an Guapian tea

Lu’an Guapian tea(六安瓜片) is a special kind of green tea, also known as chip tea. Quality characteristics of Lu’an Guapian tea:
Shape: oval-shaped like the single, natural flat
Color: dark green bloom
Soup color: clear and bright
Aroma: high aroma lasting
Taste: fresh, dense sweet
Infused leaves: bright green

Lu’an Guapian tea is a national of the history of tea, and is one of the top ten classic green tea of China. Lu’an Guapian tea produced in Luan, Jinzhai, Huoshan three counties of the adjacent mountains and hilly of Anhui, and divided into outside mountain Guapian and inside mountain Guapian. Lu’an Guapian tea begins to pick before Ching Ming Festival forty-five days per year, picking standard is a bud and a leaf. Main production processes of Lu’an Guapian tea include fixing, rolling, baking and other processes. Quality levels of Lu’an Guapian tea is divided into 6 levels.