Lushan Yun Wu tea

Lushan Yun Wu tea
Lushan Yun Wu tea

Lushan Yun Wu tea(庐山云雾茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Lushan Yun Wu tea
Shape: fat, pekoe revealed
Color: green jade
Soup color: bright
Aroma: fresh and brisk lasting
Taste: mellow and thick, fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: green and even

Lushan Yun Wu tea produced in Lushan of Jiangxi, also called “Wen Lin tea”. Tea area is humid climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Lushan Yun Wu tea is one of the China’s top ten teas, produced in the beginning of the Han Dynasty, more than a thousand years of cultivation history of the Song Dynasty as “tribute tea.” Lushan Yun Wu tea generally picks fresh leaves between Gu Yu and beginning of summer. Pick a bud and a leaf, not longer than 5 cm. Lushan Yun Wu tea in the production process; there are fixing, rolling, baking and other processes. Lushan Yun Wu tea due to foggy weather and short daylight conditions, such as direct effects of the formation of the leaf thickness, more pekoe, mellow and thick, sweet after taste, containing tannins, aromatic oils and vitamins are more characteristics, not only rich in flavor aroma, refreshing solution diarrhea, and can help digestion, disinfection and detoxification, can prevent gastrointestinal infections, increased anti-scurvy and other functions.

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