Luyuan Mao Jian tea

Luyuan Mao Jian tea
Luyuan Mao Jian tea

Luyuan Mao Jian tea(鹿苑毛尖) is yellow tea, specialty tea of China’s Hubei. Quality characteristics of Luyuan Mao Jian tea:
Shape: ring cord, pekoe revealed
Color: golden
Aroma: sweet-scented high long
Taste: sweet mellow
Soup color: bright yellow net
Infused leaves: tender and even

Luyuan Mao Jian tea produced in Luyuan temple of Hubei. Tea garden is fertile soil, mild temperatures; plenty of rain, very humid climate, and ecological environment are very suitable for tea growing. Before Ching Ming Festival 15 days, Luyuan Mao Jian tea picks fresh leaves; the standard is a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves. The fresh leaves taken back by the crank, two blue, bored piles, pick tick, fried dried five refining processes.