Lychee black tea

Lychee black tea
Lychee black tea

Lychee black tea(荔枝红茶) is scented tea, specialty tea of China’s Guangdong and Fujian. Quality characteristics of Lychee black tea:
Shape: tightly, evenly
Color: black bloom
Soup color: red brilliant and bright
Aroma: fresh litchi flavor obvious
Taste: sweet thick strong Fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: soft red bright

Lychee black tea in the fresh lychee nuts baked into the process to work as a tea material, low temperature for a long time, the merger smoked, general Shape, delicious tea, hot and cold safe. Lychee black tea produced in Taiwan, Fujian and other places. Lychee black tea production process: the use of improved varieties of litchi and high-quality black tea, through scientific methods and special technology to promote high-quality black tea of special liquid to absorb flavor lychee juice, lychee black tea made products.

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