Magu tea

Magu tea
Magu tea

Magu tea(麻姑茶) is green tea, specialty tea of Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Magu tea:
Shape: tightly, evenly
Color: silver emerald bloom
Soup color: bright
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: mellow and brisk
Tea leafs: green and even

Magu tea produced in Nancheng Country of Jiangxi. Magu Mountain tea plantation is mostly located in the 600 to 1,000 meters above sea level the mountain, perennial misty, mild climate, the average annual temperature is 15 ℃, annual precipitation is 2300 mm, sunshine short, moist air, relative humidity above 85%, fertile soil, suitable for the growth of tea. Magu tea picks a bud or a bud and two leaves. Magu tea production process including withering, fixation, rolling and drying four processes.

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