Milk tea

Milk tea

Milk tea is a popular beverage; it is formed by the mixing of milk and tea. Milk tea not only have aroma of tea and milk, but also have double nutrition of tea and milk, is welcomed by the people.

Milk tea can go greasy, help digestion, diuretic and detoxifying, eliminating fatigue. Alcohol and narcotic intoxication, it can also play a role in detoxification.

Milk tea in general practice:

Broken tea first, into the white water pot boiling. After the tea to boil, cook the tea darker, use a strainer to go fishing after tea, and then continue to burn a moment, and side edge with a spoon Yang boiling tea, let it be, after enrichment, and then adding an appropriate amount of fresh milk or milk powder, with a spoon Jan milk tea blend to once again boil the milk into a heavy fragrance.

Around the world, because the production method and composition of the raw materials of different forms with different styles of tea:

Pearl milk tea:

Pearl milk tea originated in Taiwan, is to add cooked in milk in translucent powder after the appearance of dark circles, then submitted the “Pearl” name, the other can add buding, Coconut and other kinds of ingredients, prepared a special flavor, popular public love.

Mongolian milk tea:

Northern China’s Mongolian, Kazak and other have the habit of making tea. Mongolian milk tea to tea, milk or mare’s milk, and boiled with butter, salt to taste salty conditioning.

Indian tea:

Known to add in Maserati special spices.

Style milk tea:

South of the Hong Kong-style milk tea, also known as “style milk tea”, the local habit of drinking tea originated in the British afternoon tea, but the systems are different, concentrated milk mixed with sweetened black tea made with milk yield and sugar than more hot and cold drinks available.


Tea in Malaysia and Singapore, known as “pulled tea”, production methods and the Hong Kong milk tea similar to CD and more a “pull” process, has become the talk of a trade skill. The so-called “pull” tea is tea will have been cooked at high altitude by a vessel into another vessel, this process will be repeated several times, a high degree of momentum that can be excited by the rich aroma of tea and make it slippery uniform.