Minbei narcissus tea

Minbei narcissus tea
Minbei narcissus tea

Minbei narcissus tea (闽北水仙) is oolong tea, specialty tea of China’s Fujian province. Quality characteristics of Minbei narcissus tea:
Shape: tightly, distorted leaf side
Color: green sand and bloom, with white spots
Soup color: clear, orange
Aroma: aroma lasting, fragrant with orchids
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: soft, clear, red edge

Minbei narcissus tea is superior quality goods of oolong tea category. Minbei narcissus tea produced in northern Fujian daffodils begin to build over a hundred years ago in northern Fujian County Township Village’s water Kyrgyzstan Yishan Zhu Yan-dong, now the main producing areas of Jian’ou, Jianyang counties. Picking standard of Minbei narcissus tea is very strictly. It picks fresh leaves between the Ching Ming Festival to Guyu, standard is a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves, dry tea per kg 62000 buds. Production processes of Minbei narcissus tea include: Withering, fixation, rolling, drying, baking, picking and other processes.

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