Mistletoe tea

Mistletoe tea
Mistletoe tea

Mistletoe tea (槲寄生茶) is herbal tea. Quality characteristics of Mistletoe tea:
Shape: short root
Color: yellowish-brown
Aroma: clean aroma
Soup color: yellow and bright
Taste: mellow, sweet after taste

Mistletoe is actually the general name for obligate hemi-parasitic herb belonging to the Loranthaceae family of genus Santalales. While several species of this plant are found in places like North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Korean, the most common species is known as American Mistletoe (botanical name, Phoradendron Leucarpun) and the European Mistletoe (botanical name, Viscum album). As mistletoe is a parasitic plant, it generally grows on other trees/ plants, for instance, apple trees, pines, firs, in addition to oaks and produces yellowish green leaves, flowers and extremely waxy berries.
While the berries of the American mistletoe as well as European mistletoe have been regarded as a toxic substance for long, the leaves of the herb when taken as a tea are known to have a significant standing as a home remedy. In fact, these two plants – American mistletoe and European mistletoe – not only differ in their names, but also in known usage. In effect, it is believed that the American mistletoe invigorates the smooth muscles resulting in a rise in blood pressure and enhances tightening of uterine as well as intestine. On the other hand, the European mistletoe just works in an opposite manner and reduces blood pressure as well as functions as a calmative and anti-spasmodic agent.
In effect, both American mistletoe as well as European mistletoe encloses toxic proteins, which are very identical in their chemical structure. These are selected phoratoxin, which when separated from Phoradendron species as well as viscotoxins are obtained from a variety of Viscum album. Different from the traditional reputation, these two species of mistletoe enclose them. In effect, phoratoxin and the viscotoxins resulted in the same effects when they were injected into animals during trials. The effects caused by these species of mistletoe in the animals included slowing as well as weakening of the heartbeat, hypotension as well as narrowing of the blood vessels in the skeletal muscles as well as the skin. Nevertheless, it is important to note that scientists/ researchers are yet to study the effects caused in humans following the oral use of the herb.

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    can i drink mistletoe tea if i’m taking blood pressure medication. i have high blood pressure and hypertension.

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