Nanyue Yun Wu tea

Nanyue Yun Wu tea
Nanyue Yun Wu tea

Nanyue Yun Wu tea(南岳云雾茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan Province. Quality characteristics of Nanyue Yun Wu tea:
Shape: tip and long, like sword
Color: bright green
Soup color: clear green
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow
Tea leafs: tender and even

Nanyue Yun Wu tea is butiful shape, rich flavor, long renowned as early as the Tang Dynasty, has been classified as a tribute. Nanyue Yun Wu tea generally grown in 800 to 1,000 meters above sea level Guangji temple, Tiefo temple, Huagai peak, etc., the most famous tea is grown in Guangji temple. Tea area is mild climate, fertile land, rich in organic matter, for the Camellia provides good growing conditions. Nanyue Yun Wu tea usually picks a bud and a leaf or two leaves. Main processes of Nanyue Yun Wu tea : fixing, rolling, drying and other refining processes.

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