New craft white tea

New craft white tea
New craft white tea

New craft white tea(新工艺白茶) is white tea, also called new white tea. Quality characteristics of New craft white tea:
Shape: leaves have shrink, roll bar
Color: orange red
Soup color: orange or deep yellow
Aroma: clean aroma
Taste: heavy and mellow
Tea leafs: red vein

New craft white tea is based on white tea product processing: withering and rolling. Taste New craft white tea, it like green tea but no clean aroma, like black tea but no fermentation sense. New craft white tea leaf raw material requirements of the same with white peony, generally use “Fuding big white tea”, “Fuding large tips tea” varieties of tea shoots processed, the tenderness of raw materials required are relatively low. The production process is: withering, gently, dry, pick tick, sifting, playing heap, roasting, packing. In the first system, the raw leaf withering, and rapidly rolled into the light, then after drying, to form a slightly reduced leaf sheets folded, half-roll bar, dark green color and slightly brown.