Ningzhou Gongfu tea

Ningzhou Gongfu tea
Ningzhou Gongfu tea

Ningzhou Gongfu tea(宁州工夫红茶) is famous black tea of China, specialty tea in Jiangxi. Quality characteristics of Ningzhou Gongfu tea:
Shape: tightly and beautiful, gold hair revealed, tip tall and straight
Color: black bloom
Soup color: red brilliant
Aroma: fragrance lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow, brisk
Infused leaves: red bright

Ningzhou Gongfu tea produced in Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province, Xiushui County local in northwestern of Jiangxi. Tea garden has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Before the Ching Ming Festival, Ningzhou Gongfu tea pick to a bud a leaf or a bud and two leaves, fresh leaves through withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and other refining processes. Ningzhou Gongfu tea is divided into eight grades.