Niu Di tea

Niu Di tea
Niu Di tea

Niu Di tea(牛抵茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan. Quality characteristics of Niu Di tea:
Shape: tightly, slightly flat, like horns, pekoe revealed
Color: green bloom
Soup color: green
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: mellow
Tea leafs: green even

Niu Di tea is grown in Shimen country of Hunan Province. Tea region is the world famous tea region, producing rolling hills, four seasons, moist climate, lush forests, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. In addition to its natural conditions, but also with its fine tea process inseparable. Niu Di tea picks fresh leaves before and after March each year, the standard is a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves, its
production process, include sunning, fixing, rolling drying and other processes.

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