Oriental Beauty tea

Oriental Beauty
Oriental Beauty tea

Oriental Beauty tea(东方美人茶) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Oriental Beauty tea:
Shape: strip, bud fat, pekoe revealed
Color: red, yellow, green, brown, white, five colors
Soup color: orange red bright
Aroma: both fruit and honey fragrant
Taste: sweet, mellow and thick
Infused leaves: red bright, transparent

Oriental Beauty tea, also known as Pengfeng tea, because of its more pekoe, also known as pekoe Oolong tea, is semi-fermented tea. Oriental Beauty tea mainly grown in Hsinchu, Miaoli area of Taiwan, in recent years, Pinglin and Shihting area of Taipei are also emerging areas. Oriental Beauty tea is the most special place, Fresh Tea Leaves must leafhopper (also known as Fuchenzi) taking bites, insect saliva mixed with a special enzyme tea aroma and tea good or bad depends on the leafhopper bites of, but also the Oriental Beauty tea mellow fruity flavor of the honey source, but also because the growth of good to make leafhopper, Oriental Beauty Tea in the production process must not use pesticides, so the production is less, it is obviously more valuable. Oriental Beauty tea in the production area must pick one mind leaves by hand, the sunning, cool green, rolling, baking, drying and other refining processes.