Osmanthus tea

Osmanthus tea
Osmanthus tea

Osmanthus tea(桂花茶) is refined and fresh osmanthus tea billet scenting a famous tea. Osmanthus tea fragrance fragrance lasting, brown green and bright, loved by consumers. Osmanthus than metaphoric and for viewing outside the system or scenting tea, aromatic oil refining and manufacture of candy, cakes of fine materials. Scenting tea with fresh Osmanthus fragrans, the only block without losing flavor of tea, but also with a rich aroma of Osmanthus fragrans, ventilation, and stomach after drinking the role of gastric function is very suitable for elderly people to drink less. Osmanthus tea in China, Guilin, Guangxi, Hubei Xianning, Chengdu, Chongqing and other real estate system height.

Osmanthus tea production

1, the proportion of: General by 50 kg of tea with fresh Osmanthus blank with 15 kg, visible changes in the appropriate grade tea.
2, blank tea preparation: use a fresh tea leaf buds 2 as raw materials, a “high wrap, quick rub, safe drying” of the tea made from green tea new process blanks. Required tender tea leaves embryo, is tight end, fragrance and moisture content below 5%, to cool to 26-30 ℃ Scenting when you can. Green tea is also desirable refined product, reheat to 30 ℃, scenting system.
3, Osmanthus the harvest: the osmanthus blooming period, flower into a tiger’s claw-shaped, golden yellow, early bud when picked up, so that light collected, let loose, express, absolutely can not beat with bamboo sticks to prevent injuries and broken flowers red. Taken back in time to remove stalk flowers, leaves and other debris, as soon as possible scenting. Osmanthus have Kim, Silver Gui, osmanthus, Osmanthusfragrans and monthly laurel and other species, most of which Jin Guixiang strong lasting taste and good quality.
4, blank scenting tea flowers: first clean up the bamboo mat or cloth capped with a layer of tea embryos, and then press the volume ratio of raw materials add even put a layer of osmanthus.Repeat layer of flowers do the same tea shop floor piles, the top covered heaps scenting tea blank. If the indoor temperature is below 20 ℃, with a white hood to keep the temperature stable heap of tea, to promote the normal flowers, incense spit. Osmanthus less time, according to the method in a wooden box and other containers with tea Scenting blanks.
5, through flower cooling: through flower tea is to heap clawed let cool. When the tea, incense smoke Blank 2-3 hours, tea reactor temperature rises to 40 ℃, promptly clawed through piles of tea, 1 flip up and down, let heat. When the tea cooled reactor to below 30 ℃, it should be Shoulong piles for the first 2 scenting flowers, make tea and even smoking in Hong embryo.
6, flower residue screening: When Osmanthus into wilting and flower into a purple, soft hand touch and not left the embryos of tea, it should be the end of scenting flowers. Clawed through piles of tea, will take Java to weed out, and air-dried can be equipped into the tea.
7, multiple drying Drying: Embryo in scenting tea flower incense smoke, they absorb large amounts of water, the water content as high as 15%, to be completed quickly, bake dry, so moisture content down to about 5%, to avoid mildew.
package and storage conditions: Serve Osmanthus tea after drying, cooling and 24 hours, by weight, size and composite membrane with a fine paper bags sealed packaged into cartons can be supplied to the market or placed in a ventilated and dry indoor storage . Note that anti-damp mildew, anti-rodent, storage peroid is not more than 1 year.