Oolong tea jelly

1. Take 10 grams oolong tea to soak in 600 grams boiling water will be open bubble tea.

2. Take out the soaked Oolong tea, pick out the six complete blades, and placed in the bottom of models.

3.Jelly powder 20 grams and 100 grams of fine sugar mixture; pour all the tea soup, heat it until the sugar dissolves.

4. Pour tea jelly liquid into the model and cooling and condensation, it completed the production of oolong tea jelly.

Cast iron teapots

As a classic tea set, cast iron teapots originated in China, flourishing in Japan. In recent years,Chinese arts and
cast iron teapots

crafts through masters meticulously carved and the traditional process of improving, so cast iron teapots is more diverse, more delicate colors. Use cast iron teapots both can feel the tea culture, but also added iron, was welcomed by the people.

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Tea usually refers to the tea leaves and brewed beverages with these leaves. From the botanical point of view, tea is Theaceae, evergreen shrub or small tree plants, plant up to 1-6 meters, and often grows in humid climate, tea made from tea leaves; help the heart, diuretic and many other health effects. Now often use the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots are known as the tea brewed beverages.