Panan Yun Feng tea

Panan Yun Feng tea
Panan Yun Feng tea

Panan Yun Feng tea(磐安云峰) is semi-baking and semi-fried green tea, called “Wuzhou Dongbai”, specialty tea of China’s Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Panan Yun Feng tea:
Shape: tightly and even straight
Color: green smooth
Soup color: bright green emerald
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: green and tender

Panan Yun Feng tea produced in Dapan Mountain of Panan Country,Zhejiang. Tea area has high mountains hills, moist climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, is very suitable for tea growing. Picking time of Panan Yun Feng tea is different in the altitude. In general, below 600 meters high above sea level, tea, picking in late April, altitude of 700 meters above the tea plantations, picking in early May. Panan Yun Feng tea picks a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves, shoots longer than 3.5 cm. Production processes of Panan Yun Feng tea is the same with West Lake Longjing, Taiping Houkui, Emei Erui, and the main process sub-fixing, rolling, and drying three processes.

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