Phoenix Dancong tea

Phoenix Dancong tea
Phoenix Dancong tea

Phoenix Dancong tea(凤凰单丛) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Guangdong. Quality characteristics of Phoenix Dancong tea:
Shape: strong and straight, tightly
Color: yellowish auburn, bloom
Soup color: orange yellow and clear
Aroma: fragrance lasting, with natural flowers aroma
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Infused leaves: fat and soft, red edge

Phoenix Dancong tea produced in Phoenix Mountain of Phoenix town of Chaozhou City. Tea garden has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. Phoenix Dancong tea picks a bud and two leaves or a bud and three leaves. Main process including sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes.