Phoenix Narcissus tea

Phoenix Narcissus tea
Phoenix Narcissus tea

Phoenix Narcissus tea(凤凰水仙) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Guangdong. Quality characteristics of Phoenix Narcissus tea:
Shape: straight, fat
Color: yellowish auburn, like eel skin color, bloom
Soup color: orange yellow and clear, golden color display along the bowl wall circle
Aroma: fragrance lasting, with natural flowers aroma
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: fat and soft, red edge

Phoenix Narcissus tea has “shape beautiful, color jade, fragrant, sweet” praise. Phoenix Narcissus species distribute in Guangdong Chaoan, Raoping, Fengshun, Jiao Ling, Pingyuan County and other places. Phoenix Narcissus As the use of fine raw materials and production priorities to different degrees, followed by product quality into Phoenix Dancong, Phoenix langcai and Phoenix Narcissus three grades. Main process including sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes.