Qianliang tea

Qianliang tea
Qianliang tea

Qianliang tea (千两茶) is dark tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan. Quality characteristics of Qianliang tea:
Shape: cylindrical
Color: blackish auburn
Soup color: red, yellow
Aroma: pure
Taste: heavy and thick, slightly astringent
Tea leafs: old and tender evenly

Qianliang tea is a traditional tea of Anhua, also called thousand liang tea, liang is a weight unit in ancient China. Because the net weight of each volume is about thousand liang, so named. Because of the Shape of the bamboo basket packed into a lattice-like, also known as rolls tea. Qianliang tea suppress the process a unique set of numbers can be said that the culmination of centuries of black tea processing. Primary process to black crudely tea has rolling, pile-fermentation, drying and other processes. Refining process is more technical content, steaming, installation, Le, step, cool setting, water level, temperature and humidity control, have extremely precise physical and chemical indicators. One of the treatment processes, raw tea leaves used in the seven pine kitchen baking, resulting in unique high incense.

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