Qiba Wu Hao tea

Qiba Wu Hao tea
Qiba Wu Hao tea

Qiba Wu Hao tea(秦巴雾毫茶) is twisted baking green tea, specialty tea of China’s Shanxi. Quality characteristics of Qiba Wu Hao tea:
Shape: flat sturdy
Color: green bloom, more tipps
Soup color: clear and bright
Aroma: fragrance lasting, with chestnut aroma
Taste: mellow and brisk, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: green, complete as flowers

Qiba Wu Hao tea originally called “mouth tea,” because every girl picking tea, pick a soft tip, to be pointed towards, the tail outward to include in the mouth, the girl’s mouth with a soaking more than ten minutes before Fixing drying out, thus derives its name. Qiba Wu Hao tea is grown in Zhenba County. Qiba Wu Hao tea producing areas located in the Hanzhong area cents Daba peaks of the first, with a high latitude (latitude 32.5 °), high altitude (800 to 1200 meters), Cloud (annual average sunshine rate of only 28%), rich in selenium (0.76ppm), pollution and other ecological environment. Qiba Wu Hao tea picks fresh leaves in April before Ching Ming Festival, the standard for a bud or a bud and two leaves. Fresh leaves by spreading, fixation, early speculation, the beginning of drying, shaping and other processes, dry frying techniques and Dragon well tea is similar.

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