Saishan Jade Lotus tea

Saishan Jade Lotus tea
Saishan Jade Lotus tea

Saishan Jade Lotus tea(赛山玉莲) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Henan. Quality characteristics of Saishan Jade Lotus tea:
Shape: flat and straight, more tips
Color: jade green, such as lotus
Soup color: light green
Aroma: tender flavour lasting
Taste: fresh, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: green and bright

Saishan Jade Lotus tea produced in Saishan of Guangshan County, where in the Dabie Mountains, southeast of the county. Tea area covers an area of 16 square kilometers, there is 3600 acres of forest ecology, race mountain elevation 374.3 m, is the Dabie Mountains. Saishan Jade Lotus tea is because of “Sai Mountain” is named. Tea area has excellent ecological environment, mild climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Saishan Jade Lotus tea picking standard strictly, the time must be in the Ching Ming Festival. Picking standard is a bud and a leaf, by spreading, shaping, drying and other processes to made.

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