Shikou Yin Ya tea

Shikou Yin Ya tea
Shikou Yin Ya tea

Shikou Yin Ya tea(狮口银牙) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan. Quality characteristics of Shikou Yin Ya tea:
Shape: tightly and round straight, beautiful tippy
Color: pekoe revealed
Soup color: yellow green bright
Aroma: high aroma lasting
Taste: mellow and thick, fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: green and tender

Shikou Yin Ya tea produced in Shikou of Guzhang County, Hunan. Tea area is high mountains and deep valleys, the terrain such as the roar of the lion-like, misty throughout the year, rainfall, sunshine duration is short, the soil rich in phosphorus, with a unique tea growing conditions. Shikou Yin Ya tea begins to pick before Ching Ming Festival forty-five days per year, picking standard is a bud and a leaf, its length is about 1.5 cm-2.5cm. Shikou Yin Ya tea in the production process, there are fixing, rolling, baking and other processes.

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