Shucheng Orchid tea

Shucheng Orchid tea
Shucheng Orchid tea

Shucheng Orchid tea(舒城兰花)is green tea, specialty tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Shucheng Orchid tea:
Shape: hook-shaped
Color: green bloom, pekoe revealed
Soup color: green bloom
Aroma: fragrant orchids, fresh and brisk lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: evenly, yellow green

Shucheng orchid tea origin of the name in two different ways: The first one is connected to the vine shoots, the shape of an orchid flower early; second: plucking the upright mountain orchids in full bloom, fragrant orchid’s adsorption of tea, hence the name. Shucheng orchid tea is grown in Shucheng of Anhui. Early before the Qing Dynasty, there is orchid tea production in local. Main producing areas have Shucheng, Lujiang, Tongcheng, Yuexi and so on. Yield up to Shucheng, best quality. Tea area is all year round humid climate, abundant rainfall, plentiful sunshine, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Shucheng orchid tea begins to pick before Ching Ming Festival forty-five days per year, picking standard is a bud and a leaf, its length is about 1.5 cm-2.5cm. Shucheng orchid tea in the production process, there are fixing, rolling, baking and other processes.

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