Shy jih chuen tea

Shy jih chuen tea
Shy jih chuen tea

Shy jih chuen tea(四季春茶) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Shy jih chuen tea:
Shape: tightly, hemispherical
Color: dark green
Soup color: golden bright
Aroma: floral rich
Taste: mellow and sweet
Tea leafs: green leaf and red edge

Shy jih chuen tea is a new tea created, both oolong tea flavor, but also the aroma of green tea for four seasons for drinking, it said shy jih chuen tea. Shy jih chuen tea produced in Taoyuan and Miaoli and other places of Taiwan.
Shy jih chuen tea is small leaves category, has a slight taste of Oolong Tea, more unique fragrance of charm,people relaxed and happy. Shy jih chuen tea tree has strong resistance to cold, can be produced throughout the year.Aroma of tea like flowers fragrant, strong and lasting. The process of Shy jih chuen tea is fine, special,resistant to brew, sweet tea water, very popular among consumers.

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