Sun Moon Lake black tea

Sun Moon Lake black tea
Sun Moon Lake black tea

Sun Moon Lake black tea is Taiwan’s famous black tea. Quality characteristics of Sun Moon Lake black tea:
Shape: coarse and tightly
Color: dark auburn
Soup color: orange
Aroma: sweet aroma and fruity flavour
Taste: heavy flavour, mellow and thick
Infused leaves: red brilliant

Sun Moon Lake black tea is Taiwan’s famous history black tea, has been a hundred years of history, as produced in the Sun Moon Lake is named. Sun Moon Lake black tea produced in Puli town and Yuchi township of Nantou County, Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake black tea’s soup color is red brilliant, sweet aroma rich; if you add lemon, sugar or dairy modulation, taste better.
Sun Moon Lake black tea manufacturing using local leaf species, in 1925,varieties of Assam introduced, beginning with the big leaves manufacturing, better quality, has same quality with black tea of India or Sri Lanka. Sun Moon Lake using the traditional method for making tea picks a bud and two leaves or a bud and three leaves, after withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and other processes to made.

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