Taibai Ding Ya tea

Taibai Ding Ya tea
Taibai Ding Ya tea

Taibai Ding Ya tea(太白顶芽) is green tea ,also called Wuzhou Dongbai tea, Dongbai tea. Quality characteristics of Taibai Ding Ya tea:
Shape: fat and curly
Color: tender green, Yin Hao obvious
Soup color: clear
Aroma: fragrance and clean aroma lasting
Taste: mellow fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: yellow and even

Taibai Ding Ya tea produced in Dongbai Mountain of Dongyang, Zhejiang. Dongbai Mountain is located in the Northeast of Dongyang, and Zhuji, Shengzhou border. Tea area is mild climate, annual average temperature 16 ℃, annual precipitation is 1600 mm, fertile soil, rich in organic matter content is very suitable for tea growing. Taibai Ding Ya tea collects and process between the Ching Ming to Guyu. When taken by a bud from the early development of the standard picking leaves, shoots longer than 3 cm. Main processes: fixing, fried knead, baking, and drying processes.

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