Tea culture around the world

People in more than 100 countries and regions around the world are like to drink tea. Some places to enjoy tea as an art to promote. Tea culture in different countries has different characteristics.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s people like to drink tea, tea bitter astringent, they feel that with relish. Sri Lanka’s black tea sold around the world. In the capital Colombo, those large companies sale tea have a special agency to identify the level and price of tea.

Britain: Britain all walks of life like to drink tea. Tea can be described as Britain’s national drink. Their favorite freshly brewed tea, and add a few pieces of sugar and a small amount of cold milk to tea.

Thailand: Thai people like to add ice to tea, which is iced tea. In Thailand, local patrons to observe not drink hot tea, hot tea to drink is usually foreign guests.

Mongolia: Mongolians love to eat brick tea. They grind brick tea into powder, add water and put the pot boil, then add some milk and goat’s milk.

New Zealand: New Zealanders to enjoy tea as the greatest life. Many units also laid down specific time for drinking tea. There are a lot of tea shops and tea houses.

Mali: Malian people like to drink tea after a meal. They put tea and water into teapot, and then boiled in the mud stove to boil.  Tea boil, add sugar. Their mothod of brewing tea is pretty special. Wake up every day, boil water with tin cans, put tea and bacon, cook until the bacon is done at the same time, and then eat meat while drinking tea.

Canada: Canadian brewing tea method rather special.  First teapot on hot, put a teaspoon of tea leaves into the boiling water, soak seven or eight minutes, then poured into another teapot. They usually add cheese and sugar into tea.

Russia: Russian tea often adding lemon and they used pulp instead of lemon. In the winter, is sometimes added to wine to prevent colds.

Egypt: Egyptian hospitality, always a cup of hot tea, which put much sugar, drink two cups of this sweet tea, his mouth would feel slimy, do not even want to eat a meal.

North Africa: North African mint tea. North African tea, like green tea by adding a few slices of fresh mint leaves and some rock sugar, when the cool delicious drink. When guests visit, the guests need to drink clean three cups of tea to show polite.

South America: South America’s mate tea is most famous. People in many countries in South America use the leaves of local mate tree to make tea. This tea is refreshing, and helps digestion. South American people use a straw to drink mate tea.