Tea culture of African

North Africa’s Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and other countries all like to drink green tea. But when drink tea, people often add a small amount of brown sugar or ice to the tea. Some tea is added mint leaves or mint juice, known as the mint tea. Mint tea is clean aroma and sweet cool; drink it to feel cold heart and moisturizing lung. Because many people of North Africa believe in Islam, not allowed to drink wine, but you can drink tea. Therefore, tea became hospitality quality goods. When guests visit, meet with three cups of tea, according to etiquette, guests face the host, drink tea clean, otherwise regarded as impolite.
Egyptians like sweet tea. When they entertain guests, often add much sugar in your tea, and brought a cup of cold water for dilution tea. As long as this strong sweet tea drink two, three glasses, his mouth will feel sticky gooey.