Tea culture of America

Europe has a long history of drinking tea, some people migrated to the United States, and the habit of drinking tea has taken the United States. The independence of the United States was caused by the tea. 1773, the United Kingdom published a decree that only the British East India Company’s monopoly in the North American colonies imported tea. Boston merchants engaged in smuggling of tea on December 16 that year, the British East India Company’s tea cargo dumped in the sea water used to fight monopoly. This led to British pressure of sanctions on North American colonies, eventually led to American Revolution. Americans drink tea in efficiency and convenience; do not want to brew tea, tea dregs dumping waste time. Nor did they appear in the cup of tea any traces of, and we like to drink instant tea, which is almost the same principle of coffee. In the United States, tea consumption, ranked second only to coffee.

Apart from the tea culture in Western Europe, the U.S. market, there are hundreds of species of the Oriental tea such as oolong tea, green tea, etc., but mostly the canned cold tea. Americans and Chinese tea in different ways, most people like to drink iced tea instead of hot tea.  When drink tea, Americans put ice cubes into tea, or put tea into the refrigerator to ice. Moreover, in addition to pre-installed tea, a lot of restaurants of American take tea as the main beverage. Americans have any tea in the sugar habit.