Tea culture of British

British began to import tea from the 1660s. To the 1750s, has become all the British tea drinks.In the UK and Ireland, tea not only refers to the name of the drink, but rather the meaning of the afternoon light meal, or afternoon tea (outside the UK is called high tea, late in the UK is the light meal), the name comes from the use of high-foot tables. British like to drink black tea, tea include English breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea, Chinese jasmine tea and Japanese green tea have become a standard part of the British tea. British tea has become a habit, 6 am, on an empty stomach should drink “bed tea”, at 11 am drink a “morning tea”, after lunch and drink a “afternoon tea”, even after dinner drink a “late tea”. British tea is brewing broken tea, tea bag dipped into hot water. A bag of tea brew a cup of water drank the discarded. When drink tea in family, because tea is broken, there is usually a filter cup teapot, and will filter out of broken tea, then add sugar and milk or lemon to drink.