Tea culture of China

China is the homeland of tea; tea has thousands of years of history. There are many varieties of tea, mainly green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, white tea, yellow tea and so on. Tea has health effects and a very good appreciation value. Tea-tasting is personal entertainment and social events. Tea party is a Chinese community activity of tea. China tea enjoys great popularity in the world, introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty, the formation of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Tea originated in China. Tea-tasting not only pursue the natural flavor of tea, but also pay attention to the mood of tea, which is characteristic of China tea. The same quality of tea, if you use a different water, tea sets or brewing method, tea water have different effects. Since ancient times, China has paid great attention to brewing methods of tea, and accumulated rich experience. If you want to brew good tea, need to understand the characteristics of various tea, and master the brewing techniques to make the inherent quality of tea can be fully demonstrated.

Chinese people pay attention to tea-tasting. Tea-tasting not only identify good and bad tea, but also enjoy tea with the Spiritual meaning of taste. Brewing a pot of tea when at busy work, choose a quiet place to drink tea, you can eliminate fatigue, so the spiritual world of sublimation to the noble art of life. Environment of tea-tasting is consists of buildings, gardens, ornaments and tea sets of factors. Tea-tasting requested quiet, clean, comfortable and clean.

China is an ancient civilization and attaches great importance to etiquette. Entertain guests and serve tea etiquette is essential. When serving tea, may seek the views of customers choose the most suitable for the guests taste the tea and the best tea to guests. Host serves the guests tea, pay attention to the cups and pot of tea residue, usually with a cup tea, as has been drinking, we must add the boiling water, so tea retains the same concentration water temperature suitable. In the tea can be served with appropriate refreshments, candy and so on.