The difference between organic tea, pollution-free tea and green food tea

The standards of pollution-free tea is essential to tea quality, also it is the minimum standard of market access.Green food tea is divided into A and AA level, the standard should be higher than the pollution-free tea, but organic tea is the most demanding. Pollution-free tea and a level green food tea in the production process allows the use of high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, but with the variety and quantity must be controlled within national standards set. Organic tea and AA level green food tea has a higher security requirement, the provisions of the production base should be away from the factory, highroad, living area and the traditional agricultural areas to avoid various sources of pollution. In the production process are not allowed to use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, can only use organic fertilizers to cultivate soil, adopting agriculture, biological and physical methods to control the pests.