The use method of cast iron teapot

1. Before use cast iron teapot, pour in the water into the cast iron teapot, boil the water, it will empty the water.

2. When brew tea, the water temperature of 70 degrees -80 degrees is appropriate, the water must be boiling water, cooling to this temperature.

3. After each use of cast iron teapot, need to pour the remaining water and use a clean dry soft cloth to clean cast iron teapot, in order to prevent rust.

4. After each use of cast iron teapot, it needs to use a soft brush to clean cast iron teapot.

5. The process of using cast iron teapot, if the surface of cast iron teapot remains rust, use a soft brush or soft cloth dipped in a little vegetable oil to rubbed it.

6. When use cast iron tea pot to brew tea, the water capacity to 80% of cast iron teapot is appropriate to prevent the boiling water spills.