Tian Green tea

Tian Green tea
Tian Green tea

Tian Green tea (Chinese:滇绿) is Yunan green tea, also known “Yun Green” , specialty tea of Yunnan. Quality characteristics of Tian Green tea:
Shape: fat, white tip revealed
Color: dark green bloom
Soup color: yellow green and right
Aroma: aroma lasting
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: fat

Tian Green tea produced in Yunnan, the main tea-growing areas located at latitude 25 degrees south of the southern Yunnan, southwestern Yunnan, the Baoshan, Lincang, Simao and Xishuangbanna region. Tian Green tea select big leaf species as raw material, picking standard is a bud and two leaves, and by fixing at high temperatures, rolling in time, quick drying and other processes to made. Production process control enzyme activities and oxidation of many enzymes prevent the shoots fermentation, to maintain tea color.

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