Tianmu Qing Ding tea

Tianmu Qing Ding tea
Tianmu Qing Ding tea

Tianmu Qing Ding tea(天目青顶) is green tea ,also called Tianmu Yun Wu tea, specialty tea of ​​China’s Zhejiang. Quality characteristics of Tianmu Qing Ding tea:
Shape: tightly
Color: dark green
Soup color: clear and bright
Aroma: aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and mellow
Tea leafs: green and even

Tianmu Qing Ding tea produced in Tianmu Mountain of Lin’an County, Zhejiang. Tea area is moist climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Tianmu Qing Ding tea picking period is late. At picking time, standards, and baked in different ways, Type of Tianmu Qing Ding tea divided into Dinggu, Yuqian, Meijian, Meibai, Xiaochun and so on. Dinggu and Yuqian called “green roof”, the most tender buds slender, green color and delicious. Meijian and Meibai called “Mao Feng”; Xiaochun is an advanced green tea. Tianmu Qing Ding tea picks a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves. Tianmu Qing Ding tea include production processes: fixing, drying, spreading, re-bake, bake five processes.

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