Tianxiang Yulu tea

Tianxiang Yulu tea
Tianxiang Yulu tea

Tianxiang Yulu tea (天香御露) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Guizhou. Quality characteristics of Tianxiang Yulu tea:
Shape: tight and round, granular
Color: green bloom and bright
Soup color: yellow green and bright
Aroma: fragrance lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: green and tender

Tianxiang Yulu tea is new created green tea, the shape of dew, green bloom and bright, heavy and mellow, it is called Tianxiang Yulu. Tianxiang Yulu tea was grown in mountainous area of Fenggang Country, Guizhou. Fenggang located northeast of Guizhou Province; located in the Wujiang River North Shore, rich zinc and selenium areas of Dalou Mountain. Tea area has mild climate, abundant rainfall and winter cold, summer heat, rain and heat in the same quarter. Tianxiang Yulu tea picking time is generally March 25 to May 25, its standard: tender, even, fresh, clean and free from pests and diseases. The processing of Tianxiang Yulu tea include: sunning, fixing, rolling, drying and filting processes. Tianxiang Yulu tea is rich in zinc and selenium needed by the body of the 17 amino acids and zinc and selenium and other trace elements, including zinc 40mg/kg-100mg/kg, selenium 0.25mg/kg-3.5mg/kg, very beneficial to human health.

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