Tingxi Lanxiang tea

Tingxi Lanxiang tea
Tingxi Lanxiang tea

Tingxi Lanxiang tea (汀溪兰香茶) is green tea, named for orchids notes, specialty tea of Anhui. Quality characteristics of Tingxi Lanxiang tea:
Shape: shape like scissors, flat and straight
Color: green jade
Soup color: green bright
Aroma: tender aroma lasting
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: yellow, fat and evenly

Tingxi Lanxiang tea is mainly produced in Jing County of China’s Anhui Province. Tea regions have dense forests, climate temperature and humidity, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Tingxi Lanxiang tea has strict picking standards, as a bud and two leaves, about 3 cm in length, neat uniform. Tingxi Lanxiang tea’s production process is not complicated, divided into two fixing and baking.

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