Wanxi large yellow tea

Wanxi large yellow tea is yellow tea, specialty tea in Anhui. Quality characterized of Wanxi large yellow tea:clause is strong and fat, leaf strips, leaf stems attached to the shape of guitar hooks, stem leaves were golden brown color, oily, deep yellow liquor color was brown, the bottom was yellow in the brown, the taste strong alcohol, with a high tender Jiao Xiang.
Wanxi large yellow tea produced in Anhui Huoshan, Jinzhai, Daan, Yuexi. Here is located in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, eastern China’s tea producing areas of the North Rim. Due to mountain barriers, better water and heat conditions, the ecological environment should be tea.
Huang is a bud of tea plucking standard four or five leaves, before and after the beginning of summer until spring to go to mining, mining spring 3 to 4 batches, 1 to 2 summer tea mining approval. Large yellow tea manufacturing sub-fried tea (fixation and rolled), the beginning of drying, packing, baking (nap fire and pull the fire foot) four processes. Huang priorities according to the quality of tea products, sub-3 6 and so on.
Wanxi large yellow tea with a refreshing digestive, lung, clearing away heat and detoxifying, the nature of raw cold and other health benefits. Yellow tea rich in polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugar, rich in vitamins and other nutrients, significant effect on the prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer. In addition, the yellow of natural substances in tea leaves to retain 85% or more of these substances on the anti-cancer, anticancer, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effects are special, the reach for the other tea.