Wei Jiang Mao Jian

Weijiang Bai Mao Jian
Weijiang Bai Mao Jian

Weijiang Bai Mao Jian(沩江白毛尖) is yellow tea, specialty tea of Hunan. Quality characteristics of Weijiang Bai Mao Jian:
Shape: leaf margin slightly curled into a block
Color: yellow bright and bloom, tips revealed
Soup color: bright orange
Aroma: strong pine smoke aroma
Taste: mellow and thick
Infused leaves: yellow bright, evenly

Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea, also called: Duyun xi mao jian, Bai Mao Jian ,Hook tea,Buxus tea. Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea produced in Wei mountain of Ningxiang country, Hunan . Weijiang is mild climate, abundant rainfall, cloud Click around, fertile soil, is a good place for growing tea. “Three green through three yellow” is Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea features, color of dry tea that is green with yellow, green Soup color in through the yellow, the bottom was green in
yellow. Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea’s special selection, selection of local moss varieties, with early germination, shoots fat, hair and more tender and strong holding characteristics, contains rich ingredients. Good bud tip, the quality of tea for the formation of Tippy provides the material basis. Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea pick fresh leaves before the Ching Ming Festival, picking standard is a bud a leaf. Usually senior Mao Jian frying 500 g of tea bud is about 5.3-5.6 ten thousand. Weijiang Bai Mao Jian tea include production processes: fixing, drying, spreading, re-bake, bake five processes.