Wenshan pouchong tea

Wenshan pouchong tea
Wenshan pouchong tea

Wenshan pouchong tea(文山包种茶) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Taiwan. Quality characteristics of Wenshan pouchong tea:
Shape: curly and tightly
Color: dark green, similar to the frog skin
Soup color: clear and tender green
Aroma: clean and high
Taste: mellow and thick, fresh and brisk, flowers and fruits in the slight fragrance
Tea leafs: green leaves, red edge

Wenshan pouchong tea is semi-fermented tea,tea leaves into strips. Wenshan pouchong tea produced in Taipei and Taoyuan of Taiwan, Taipei Wenshan region which produced the best quality, best aroma, it is customary to call Wenshan pouchong tea. Wenshan pouchong tea generally selects qingxin Oolong or big-leaf Oolong as materials. Wenshan pouchong tea production process: sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes. Wenshan pouchong tea in the fermentation of 15% to 20%, and is the lightest level of Taiwan’s tea fermented oolong tea.