What is organic tea?

Organic tea is based on organic agricultural production systems and methods for production of fresh leaves,in the processing, packaging, storage and transportation process, free from any chemical contamination, and after organic food demonstration agencies to review and certification. Organic tea production is highly demanding, international federation of organic agriculture movement for it to develop a rigorous standard, which of the tea garden soil, water, air, tea picking, tea processing and trace elements in tea and other aspects have put forward very specific requirements.

1. Tea garden to be away from the city, higher elevations, the surrounding green environment in good condition, no pollution, air and water must go through rigorous testing.
2. Tea garden prohibits the use of any chemical compounds, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulating agents.
3. Organic tea in the processing and packaging process can not mix with non-organic food, to keep organic tea clean.
4. The establishment of tracking quality system. Picked organic tea from the fresh leaves into finished product are built on a set of files, each bag of organic tea has its own family tree.
Organic tea production have very strict qualification examination, the production license for up to one year in the second year must re-accreditation certification. As the tea conforms to the international development trend of organic foods to meet consumer demands for food safety, welcomed by consumers.