White Peony tea

White Peony tea
White Peony tea

White Peony tea(白牡丹茶) is white tea, specialty tea of Fujian. Quality characteristics of White Peony tea:
Shape: two leaves hold a bud
Color: dark gray green or dark moss color
Soup color: apricot yellow or orange yellow
Aroma: clean and fresh
Taste: fresh and mellow, clean and sweet
Tea leafs: light gray, reddish veins

White Peony tea because of green leaves hold silver tip, like peony, hence the name White Peony tea. White Peony tea was created in Jianyang. White Peony tea produced in Jianyang, Songxi, Fuding of Fujian. Tea region has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea growing. White Peony tea used Fuding big white tea and Fuding large tip tea as raw materials, sometimes using a small amount of narcissus varieties of tea shoots, made by traditional processing technology. Traditional harvesting standards are adopted next spring shoots the first round of the bud and two leaves, buds and two leaves of almost equal length, and called for “three white”, that is full of bud and two leaves draped white hairs. White Peony tea has only two withering and drying processes. White Peony tea rich in essential amino acids, polyphenols, minerals, vitamins and zinc, selenium and other trace elements, is recognized as green and healthy drinks.