Wuxi Hao tea

Wuxi Hao tea
Wuxi Hao tea

Wuxi Hao tea(无锡毫茶) is green tea, specialty tea of China’s Jiangsu. Quality characteristics of Wuxi Hao tea:
Shape: fat curly, more pekoe
Color: green jade
Soup color: green and bright
Aroma: fresh and brisk lasting
Taste: mellow, fresh and brisk
Tea leafs: tender and even

Wuxi Hao tea is grown in the beautiful Taihu Lake in Wuxi suburb. Wuxi is located in the southern region of Jiangsu, is a maritime climate, clear year round mild climate, sunshine appropriate, plenty of rain, excellent ecological conditions suitable for growing tea. Picking standards of Wuxi Hao tea are divided into four levels: first level to a bud; second level to a bud and a leaf; third level to a bud and a leaf; fourth level to a bud and two leaves. Main production processes of Wuxi Hao tea: fixing, rolling, rubbing hair, drying and other refine processes.

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