Wuyi Chelan tea

Wuyi Chelan tea
Wuyi Chelan tea

Wuyi Chelan tea (武夷奇兰) is Oolong tea, specialty tea of China’s Fujian province. Quality characteristics of Wuyi Chelan tea:
Shape: coarse
Color: auburnish green with green slightly
Soup color: dark yellow or orange
Aroma: aroma lasting, fragrant with orchids
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: yellow foam

Wuyi Chelan tea is species introduced from the Taiwanese peace in the 1990s, after more than ten years of evolution has been integrated into Wuyi tea types, through the production process by Wuyi Rock Tea for production, and other parts of the formation of a different flavor. Wuyi Chelan tea with unique natural conditions, the growth of bad gravel soil in the gully in the rock, and gravel by the weathering of soil rich in minerals for absorption of tea, tea is not only nourishment, and trace minerals contained in Wuyi Chelan tea leaves a richer, such as potassium, zinc, selenium more.

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