Wuyi Rock Tea

Wuyi Rock tea
Wuyi Rock tea

Wuyi Rock tea(武夷岩茶) is oolong tea, one of China’s famous tea, specialty tea in Fujian. Quality characteristics of Wuyi Rock tea:
Shape: bar-type, bold
Color: greenish auburn
Soup color: deep orange yellow, clear and bright
Aroma: fragrance lasting, like orchid’s aroma
Taste: mellow and brisk, sweet after taste
Infused leaves: soft and bright, red leaf margin, light green leaves with yellow heart

Wuyi Rock tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain of Fujian. Tea garden has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, is very suitable for tea rowing. This special natural environment, create specific quality of Wuyi Rock tea. Wuyi Rock Tea is semi-fermented tea, product process is between green tea and black tea. Wuyi Rock Tea picking is generally from April to May each year. Generally, Wuyi Rock tea pick a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves.Processing technology of Wuyi Rock tea is the same as other rock teas, as divided into sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes. Varieties of Wuyi Rock tea include: Robe tea, White crest, Narcissus, Oolong, Rou Gui and so on.