Wuyi Rougui tea

Wuyi Rougui tea
Wuyi Rougui tea

Wuyi Rougui tea(武夷肉桂茶) is oolong tea, specialty tea in Fujian. Quality characteristics of Wuyi Rougui tea:
Shape: curly and tightly
Color: auburnish green, bloom
Soup color: orange yellow and clear
Aroma: cream aroma, fruity, fragrant cinnamon
Taste: mellow and thick, sweet after taste
Tea leafs: light green bottom, red edge

Wuyi Rougui tea also called Wuyi Yugui. Wuyi Rougui tea produced in Wuyi Mountain of Fujian. Generally, Wuyi Rougui tea picks a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves. Processing technology of Wuyi Rougui tea is the same as other rock teas, as divided into sunning, fixing, stir fixation, rolling, re-rolling, and baking, re-baking, drying and other processes.