Xiangjian tea

Xiangjian tea
Xiangjian tea

Xiangjian tea (湘尖茶) is dark tea, specialty tea of China’s Hunan. Quality characteristics of Xiangjian tea:
Shape: thick volumes
Color: black bloom
Soup color: bright orange
Aroma: pure, slightly fragrant pine smoke
Taste: heavy and thick
Tea leafs: yellowish auburn and evenly

Xiangjian tea also called three jian tea in the history: tianjian, gongjian and shengjian. In the Qing Dynasty, tianjian and gongjian take as a tribute. Now the “three jian” means Xiangjian 1, Xiangjian 2, and Xiangjian 3. The main difference is the different tenderness of raw materials. Xiangjian 1 and Xiangjian 2 also use one or two grade black crudely tea to repression, Xiangjian 3 use three grade black crudely tea to repression. Xiangjian tea is a Xiangjian 1, 2, 3 gerenal term, as the baskets loaded pressed tea.

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